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R&D means more for your business than you can imagine!

Develop a sustained tech product with state-of-the-art technologies loved by your audience and envied by your competitors

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Save money and time

No need to set up an in-house R&D department when we have dedicated talents and established research centers and processes

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Agile methodology

We help you keep pace with the ever-changing market conditions and adopt new tech solutions to attract new client bases and boost your growth

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Future-focused solutions

Come up with new disruptive solutions or upgrade the existing ones to own the future, beyond the thought and reach of your competitors

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Full-scale service

From consultation to research and analysis to operation to management, our R&D support services relieve you from operation headache

R&D services

Beat your competition, disrupt or break into a new industry

If setting up an R&D dept. is out of your reach, Getweb is here to support you with our full-fletched software R&D as a service.

With us as your partner, you get more than just traditional software R&D services. Aside from IT talents, we provide you access to our partner resources, ecosystems, and methodologies at short notice that you can leverage to find more branding opportunities and reduce design and development costs.

Product viability

Product viability

We dive deeper into the industry to evaluate your product’s market viability and identify areas that require improvements
Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping

Transform your idea into a low-fi prototype in a matter of just a few days with our software design and development team
Advanced collaboration

Advanced collaboration

Shorten your route to market reach with our advanced collaborative models suited to your unique business needs
Creative Inputs

Creative Inputs

Get new ideas from brilliant minds to make your new or existing product more intuitive and user-friendly

Building an R&D strategy for modern times

R&D departments are generally well-funded, with capital risk, lack of immediate payoff

Why do you need software R&D services?

It’s not easy to establish, run, and manage an R&D department at your office, especially if your business model does not seem suited to it. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the great opportunity to offer new digital product solutions or scale up your existing ones to meet your goals.

This is where Getweb comes in – to support you with a dedicated R&D team and a technology research facility that designs and develops new products with increased functionality, enhances existing product qualities, develops new product research and testing methods, integrates new technologies, and much more.

With our inputs, you will surely be one-step ahead of your competition and if luck favors, disrupt the industry!

What are the key features of your software R&D support services?

In short, we take full responsibility for setting up an R&D team customized to your unique business needs and developing your tech product or upgrading it with our industry-leading resources. With us as your partner, you will have a competitive edge in your industry with creative add-ons and solutions to your product that no one has ever thought of and implemented before.


What happens when you don’t invest in software R&D service?

Investing in software R&D is a solid business strategy. According to a Harvard Business Review study, there is simply no alternative to investing in R&D. The study also shows that bigger companies tend to invest more in this sector and yield higher returns as a result. 

The only way to stay innovative as a business entity is to invest in research and development; especially for software companies. R&D helps gain insights on how to plan, modify, design, and develop your products, service, technologies, processes and strategic plans. 

No doubt if you take this off the table, your company won’t have much more value to offer and there will be minimal or no growth for sure.

How to benefit from software R&D?

Alongside developing new relevant products, the primary benefit of software R&D is that it will help your existing products to become more and more user-oriented. You will have ideas and solutions that do not exist in the market yet, which will accelerate your growth.

Usually, there is no time limit in the research and development process, making it a continuous process to achieve greater productivity, wider market coverage, higher profits, and longer market relevance.

R&D also provides an opportunity to tie your marketing efforts with new insights and establish seamless communication across all your departments. Over time, these little achievements will accumulate into bigger innovations.

What are the different types of software R&D Systems?

There are 3 central systems for research and development – 

  1. Basic Research
  2. Applied Research
  3. Development
a) Basic research

This is the 1st step that begins with the study of the basic understanding of the products and their qualities. However, this research is not associated with commercial or practical use right off the bat.

b) Applied research

Unlike the basic research, the applied research has a more specific goal that revolves around finding the best ways to satisfy your customer needs. This is more related to IT research and development. 

In this phase, the researchers and scientists work together to facilitate the development of new products. They conduct their research in technical fields closely related to the production, which results in the enhancement of the existing products and the innovation of the new ones. 

c) Development

This phase heavily depends on studying the existing products and figuring out ways to improve them in terms of production, material, and new features. Researchers explore new ideas for the products and use the research data to implement those ideas into the final product.

How do R&D and software development differ?

Both software development and R&D have the same goal – to take your tech solution to the next level. However, the methodology is vastly different from one another. 

Let’s explore what separates them from each other: 

  • Software development has to follow a strict time frame whereas R&D is a continuous process with no deadline
  • Software development involves focusing on a specific product while R&D experiments with ideas, plans, and technologies
  • R&D does not aim at making immediate profits whereas software development tries to make direct and quick financial gains. 
  • R&D provides data while software development provides working solutions
  • Software development aims to solve a business problem with a product whereas R&D focuses on coming up with new solutions for a particular problem
Expert team

Unveil imaginative solutions that eclipse competitors

Our competent team of experts deliver innovative products across various industries.


Frequently asked questions

This mainly depends on the type and scope of your software R&D needs. Please get in touch with us and share your requirements so we can give you a free custom quote &.

Yes, we can. Since we offer full-scale software research and development services, we have a rich R&D team and established research centers and methodologies in our arsenal. Based on availability, you can have a whole personal research and development team or individuals.

This also depends on the type and scope of your needs but it usually takes us two to four weeks to set up an R&D team and a facility for our clients. Again, talk to us and share your needs for free time estimation.

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