Product design sprint

Minimize risks before you offer your product to the world

Take full advantage of Google Venture’s time-tested method for smoothing out your journey to business success

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Quick delivery

A great way to transform your idea into reality within a week with collective inputs from brilliant minds

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

No guesswork

With a user-centric approach, save your precious time, energy, and money with an end product that works in real-life scenarios

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

Minimize risks

Delve deeper into customer pain points and design your product that addresses those specific issues

Getweb Inc - Full-Cycle Web Design and Development Services

More efficiency

Harness creative design solutions with the help of an invested team with defined roles and responsibilities


A team with diverse portfolios to brainstorm, evaluate, and test-run your idea’s feasibility

Product design sprints can be run not only for new ideas but for upgrading existing products as well. The best part is you can get actionable outcomes with this sprint while still working on gathering more data and adding more features and functionalities to your digital product.

Join effort

Join effort

The beauty of this workshop is that each member can give their opinions that encourage better input than usual
Reliable insights

Reliable insights

Makes it easy to determine if your digital product idea will work in real-life scenarios the quickest way
Can be repeated

Can be repeated

If you discover your idea requires a massive rethinking, the sprint can be run again with better ideas and solutions
More confidence in your idea

More confidence in your idea

Once you run the sprint and see the possible success of your product, you can now go to the development phase

Run a sprint that works for all!

No matter if you are a startup or a growing company or a large enterprise, just share your idea with Getweb and see how the magic unfolds!

Day 1: Validating your idea

Day 1: Validating your idea

Together we walk in the shoes of your customers with an empathetic approach
Day 2: Deciding on a solution

Day 2: Deciding on a solution

A final version of the prototype is chosen from a number of possible solutions
Day 3: Planning the product

Day 3: Planning the product

An inexpensive, low-fi version of the digital product is planned
Day 4: Creating a prototype

Day 4: Creating a prototype

The development team develops the product just in a day
Day 5: User testing the solution

Day 5: User testing the solution

The prototype is tested rigorously and customer reactions are studied

Improve your product focusing on customer needs

What exactly is a product design sprint?

In short, this is a workshop (usually lasts less than a week) to look at the feasibility of your idea, finalizing on a solution, building the prototype, and testing it with a team that does everything necessary so you can see how the end product and the consumer feedback might be before you even venture into the market.

What are the different steps of a sprint?

Although invented and improved by GV, we have taken the process to perfection based on the needs of small, medium, and large business entities. This sprint can be run both for a new product idea or to improve an existing product.

Day 1: Ideation

Once you share your idea with us in detail, we assemble a team consisting of industry research scientists, UI/UX designers, product engineers, and more. We try to understand what customer pain point you are planning to solve with your idea and we make an empathetic approach that’s an integral part of the design thinking process.

Day 2: Decide

On the next day, we collect new ideas and opinions from the team members, take a look at the problem from a different point of view, and suggest innovative solutions. Together we decide on a final product that seems to be the most viable solution.

Day 3: Planning

Keeping in mind all the possible challenges regarding developing your digital product, we plan how the product should look and feel, what features should be added and which ones would be avoided, and what the ultimate user experience might be

Day 4: Prototyping

Although a single day is not usually enough to develop a prototype, our decade-long experience enables us to do the impossible and come up with a low-fi solution that allows us to have some idea about how the end product might look like and the extent of its usefulness

Day 5: Testing

On the final day, we thoroughly test the product, see how it performs, and identify further problems and solutions. If necessary, we can then get back to the previous steps to make more changes and upgrades. However, this workshop should not be repeated more than a few times; otherwise, you may lose your focus and that could be counterproductive.

What happens after the sprint run?

Now that you have a clear idea about how the end digital product might be, how much value it will create to the target user, and how successful it might be in the long run, you can go to the development phase with confidence.

After the 5-day workshop, you will also have –

– One or more low-fi prototypes that might be useful for the next development phase
– A clear guideline on how to develop the end product, including resources like customer journey maps, design libraries, information architecture, and more

Our mission

Developing business-friendly solutions that simplify human interactions

Getweb defines, designs, and develops a seamless user experience across all platforms and your brand’s touchpoints. We help innovators achieve their goals through impeccable design and data-driven consulting. Once you share your challenge with us, our only priority will be to deliver maximum value at every stage of your business.

On our journey so far, we have helped numerous startups, unicorns, and well-established enterprises achieve their goals.


Frequently asked questions

You can try to avoid this workshop and go directly into the design and development phase. But there is a high possibility that you will miss out on many great opportunities to improve the solution’s quality before it even hits the market. You may also end up spending a lot more than you have expected.

Yes, that’s very much possible but there is a catch here – too many of these workshops will exhaust you from coming up with new ideas and solutions to add to the product. That’s why we do not recommend repeating a sprint session on the same idea or product for more than twice.

Of course you can! This workshop is known to provide stunning results for both new ideas and existing products. Just give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

This depends on many factors, such as the type of service you are seeking from us, the research requirements, the number of hours, our team composition, and more. Please get in touch with us for a free budget estimation.

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