Front End Developer


We’re looking for an exceptional individual who wants to change how people see themselves and others. By working on our tech solutions, you’ll help people -who need to be heard and seen – raise their living standard. The role is predominantly tailored to Frontend development.

What we are looking for:

  • 5 years of Frontend development experience
  • Professional experience integrating multiple APIs
  • Good understanding of UI/UX processes
  • Ambitious character not afraid to take risks
  • Perform code reviews, pair programming, and mentoring
  • A person who can put themselves in the user’s shoes
  • Someone who wants to build solutions
  • Spoken and written English language skills


  • Developing customer-centric applications (e.g., user experience, responsiveness, loading speed, reusability of components)
  • Designing and building product features
  • Collaborating with other teams (e.g., design, sales, or service) to better understand how customer input can be translated into solutions
  • Building rapid prototypes
  • Spontaneous interruptions to solve unexpected bugs
  • Building integrations with other internal systems

Tech stack:

Typescript + React + Vue + Next + Sass

Yarn workspaces + ESLint + Prettier + Jest npm + babel + webpack

Monorepo on GIT with CI/CD pipelines

Hosted on Google Cloud

Job Title

Front End Developer

Industry Category


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