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Find The Best Web Application Development Company In 2024

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With the advancement of modern technology and the current eCommerce trends, web apps are on the rise. In fact, the US app market is expected to reach $108.10B in market value this year alone.

But how exactly do web apps differ from the traditionals ones? What is custom web application development? How much does it cost to build a web app?

Find The Best Web Application Development Company in 2023

We’re here to answer all of these questions and clear up your confusion. This is your golden opportunity to find the best web application development company as per your needs and budget!

What is a Web Application?

In general, a web application is a type of application that is stored in a remote server and uses the internet to deliver results through a browser interface.

If you’ve ever worked with applications like Microsoft 365, Canva, and Google apps, those are some of today’s market-leading web apps.

The biggest advantage is that a web app doesn’t depend on the resources of the user’s device. All the necessary code is stored in a remote server and you just need a stable internet connection and a web browser to access and use the app.

As a result, no matter how low-config your device is, you’ll still be able to use the application with no issues. These apps are specifically designed in a way that even the non-technical users will face no usability issues.

What is a web application

Web apps are usually used in a website but many also offer standalone services. 

Web apps can do almost everything that any other app can, including webmail application, online calendar/calculator app, eCommerce functionalities, and many others.

Responsibilities of a Web Application Development Company

So, what does a web application development company offer?

The key responsibility of a web application development company is to take your idea and turn it into a viable business solution that is intuitive, responsive, and flexible for a positive user experience.

Here is a list of responsibilities that a web app development company has to fulfill: 

  • Talk with the client to generate new ideas and check their viabilities
  • Conducting deep market and user research 
  • Understand the client’s business targets and limitations
  • Create visual prototypes and wireframes 
  • Use the appropriate technology stack to develop the web app
  • Design and develop both the front end and back end of the app
  • Communicate with stakeholders about the progress 
  • Add custom features like API integration, eCommerce features, and more 
  • Deploy the web app into the client’s server 
  • Monitor the performance and provide in-depth analysis

Additionally, there are many more related services that a web application development company can offer. Each company has their unique strong suits and weaknesses.

That’s why it’s imperative to do a little background so you can select the best web application development company for your business.

Types of Web Application 

Web apps come with many variations today. Since they provide great value in terms of customer engagement, brand development, and marketing, more and more businesses are now heading towards the web app’s direction. 

However, as there are more web apps being introduced to the market regularly, choosing the best web app for your specific business needs can be daunting.

Static Web Apps

This is the 1st generation of web apps and the most common type. These web apps use the basic building blocks of a website, like HTML and CSS and are designed to complete simple tasks. 

Static Web Apps

Static web apps are mainly used by software companies and expert webmasters. Their biggest downfall is their limited functionality. 

Some of the most widely used static web apps are lead capture pages, digital resumes, and more.

Dynamic Web Apps

These are the most widely known web apps across the internet. Dynamic web apps are technically more sophisticated than and an upgraded version of static web apps with far less limitations.

Dynamic web applications deliver live data based on the requests of the users that makes them the best types of web apps. Databases and languages like PHP and ASP.NET are used to structure the application.

Dynamic Web Apps

Facebook and twitter are two of the most famous dynamic web apps on the internet. This is the most usual web app service you can expect from your local web application development company.

Animated Web Apps

These are a special type of web app that specializes in animation and synchronization across multiple platforms. They use technologies like HTML5, CSS, FLASH, JS, and SVG to create stunning animated web apps.

Animated Web Apps

Miki Mottos and Squadeasy are two of the most used animated web apps. If you’ve ever come across some cool transition, welcome, or scrolling animation, that was most probably an animated web app.

Single Page Apps

As the name suggests, single-page applications (SPAs) offer all the functionalities within a single page. These types of web applications are fast, dynamic, and have the capabilities to function properly without requiring browser reloads. 

These web apps complete all the communication and functions on the server-side. Netflix, Gmail, and Twitter are some of the world famous SPAs.

Single Page Apps

These apps are mostly used in the communication industry. SPAs are known for their fast response and easy-to-use navigation system. However, the biggest flaw of a single-page web app is the poor SEO compatibility.

If you’re looking for a web application development company specialized in SPA, Getweb can help!

Multiple Page Apps

As you’ve already guessed, these types of web apps have multiple pages and are reloaded every time a user navigates to a different app page. 

Google docs, Trello, and Amazon are some of the most used multiple page apps (MPAs). They allow you to interact in several ways, providing a more vivid user experience.

Multiple Page Apps

MPAs leverage technologies like Next.js, React, Angular, or Python to provide multiple ways to interact with the app. 

If you’re looking for an SEO-optimized and easily scalable web application security solution, MPAs might be the best choice for you.

Content Management Systems

Did you know that Content Management Systems (CMSs) are also a type of web app? They deliver a more sophisticated approach to help manage digital content. 

You must be familiar with the popular CMS systems like WordPress, Jooma, or Shopify. These apps come with complex structures and provide a simple system, which can be really useful for those who want to provide information or offer their products or services online.

Content Management Systems

CMSs are classified as website applications and help even non-technical people to upload and manage a wide variety of content through an admin panel, without any coding experience. This is another common service of a web application development company.

E-commerce Web Apps

They are packed with specialized features that an eCommerce website needs. They are usually hyper functional and you can integrate a number of eCommerce features.

E-commerce Web Apps

If you plan to sell products or services online, you’ll need an eCommerce web app. They come with features like inventory management, order tracking, payment integration, scalability functions, and many more. 

Some of the most recognized eCommerce web apps are Onfleet, Yotti, and Glyph.

Portal Apps

Portal apps are also a special type of web apps that a web application development company can offer. The main objective of these kinds of apps is to collect data from different sources and display the information in a uniform manner.

Portal apps are mainly used by large organizations as they have personalized access, superior scalability, and user-centric navigations.

Portal Apps

If you’ve recently come across any client portal or education portal, that’s an example of portal apps.  Also, if you want to look at some of the more known portal apps, you can think of Udemy and Coursera.

Progressive Web Apps

This has become the most hyped web app type today. So, what is a progressive web application?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are specialized cross-platform web apps that use browser application programming interfaces and progressive enhancement methods to offer a native-like experience.

Progressive Web Apps

These types of apps leverage basic web development technologies but don’t put any stress on the user’s device. They are also super fast even when the network speed is bad, providing a seamless experience wherever you go.

Top Web Application Development Service Providers

Not every web development company has the capability to provide web application development services as the service requires more hands on approach and careful execution of custom app features.

However, there are also companies that specialize in web application development. If you’re searching for a professional web application development company near your area, you can try out some of these companies mentioned below:


Getweb is a NY-based web application development company with a focus on driving business growth through versatile, efficient, and user-centric tech solutions.

We are familiar with the latest web technologies, ever-changing market dynamics, and ways to improve user experience.

We can help drive your business growth through custom-tailored web apps.

You will also get 24/7 support to make sure your web app is up and running smoothly at all times. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our web app development services!


OpenXcell is a leading web application development company with their primary focus in app development. Since their inception in 2009, they have secured their place among the top web application developers in the USA.

After serving the industry for more than a decade, OpenXcell now works as a one-stop solution for web application development, providing end-to-end web app development services.

They are also renowned for their premium brand image and high-quality deliverables.


Cubix specializes in app, dame, and enterprise software development. This Florida-based agency prioritizes fluid communication, industry expertise, user experience, and a data-driven approach.

From enterprise-level solutions to custom web app development, Cubix has a team that can take care of all your web app issues.

They have more than a decade of experience in advanced web app solutions, AI, blockchain, IoT, SaaS, machine learning, augmented reality, and more.

Zealous System

Zealous System offers full-cycle IT services but specialize in custom mobile and web app development. Their primary focus lies in customer satisfaction, retention, and user-centric approach.

Some of their key services are application development, custom software development, IoT development, among others. With their agile methodologies, they’ve gained loyalty from many clients worldwide.


Quytech is a multinational web application development company that provides impeccable development services in six different time zones. They specialize in mobile app, blockchain, AI/ML, and game development.

If you want to develop a stunning web application with flawless functionalities and extraordinary user experience at an affordable rate, Quytech can be one of your best options.

Wrapping It Up

To sum it up, web apps are a special type of application with the potential for businesses of all types and sizes to reach more clients.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a vision to change the market, a web application can become your greatest weapon and achievement.

Wrapping It Up

Today, we tried to portray a general overview of the web app development process, their different types, and the qualities you need to look for in a web application development company.

We also shared our review of the best web app development companies out there so you can have a good start. If you think there is some info we’ve missed, or want to share your experience, please do so in the comment section below.

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She has excellent capabilities to address real-world problems with creativity and effectiveness. Among her peers, she is known as the person that works tirelessly to find the best solution in every stage of the project.

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